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Earth Chips

Packed with protein and minerals  and without sacrificing taste or richness, these cookies are so good, you won’t be able to stop at just one.

Banana Bliss

Bite into the Banana Bliss cookies and treat yourself to something deliciously exotic. They taste so good you won’t believe they’re healthy!

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Why Choose Vegan Wonder

Only Plant Based Ingredients

None of our products contain animal based ingredients like meat, dairy or honey - everything is 100% plant based

Healthy, Nutritious And Tasty

From the ingredients used to the way they're cooked - our goal is to create healthy foods and snacks for everyone to enjoy

High Quality Ingredients

We're using only high quality ingredients that are Organic Certified - this way we know our products are healthy and tasty at the same time

A few words from our head chef, Andre

“As I was born into veganism, I decided to tackle the problem by diversifying my menu with real organic, non-GMO and Gluten free meals coupled with healthy treats. I decided to create something which I call Alternate Veganism. Alternate plant-based meals are crafted with organic ingredients, plants, leaves, roots, fruits, and vegetables. These are all well accepted by both vegetarians as well as meat eaters. We did not create or invent these recipes. We just improved them. These recipes existed for generations. For instance, India, Africa, and Asia including the Mediterranean zones are well known for being great sources of organic exotic ingredients and materials for healthy cuisines and lifestyles.”

Looking For Food / Snacks / Cookies ?

Try Our Gluten Free, Vegan Organic Catering Service

If you’re looking for food, cookies or snacks for your party or event, we got you covered. We can provide an extensive menu of gluten free, vegan only products that are not only healthy, but delicious at the same time and we guarantee that everyone will enjoy them – including those who don’t usually eat vegan food and even the kids 

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